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A Guide to Custom Pet Portraits

A custom pet portrait shall remain a special gift for anyone who receives it. It is a gift that holds special memories for the recipient for long periods. You can either have one made of the current pet, or of one that they loved but has already passed on. Whichever the case, it remains a truly unique gift.

It presents a unique gift idea. You can have such a pet protract made and gift it out either during the recipient’s birthday, or at Christmas time. Something as special as this can even be presented on other occasions, such as during a housewarming party. If you know someone who has a much-loved pet in their lives, you can go the extra mile and have an oil panting made out of a picture of their pet.

This can be achieved when any photo of the pet is used. A simple snapshot has all the details a painter will need, so long as there are minimal background distractions on it. Another idea involves having a professional photo of the pet taken and using it for the oil painting portrait.

Plenty of artists can render an oil painting from a photo. But you have to be careful enough to select one who is well versed in painting pets. You will find a lot of artists who can make oil paintings. But you will find many artists whose specialty is painting custom pet portraits. They now how to make the portrait of the pet s lifelike as possible. This is an important consideration, since such a painting hangs around for a long time.

You can also have then put in some seasonal touches to the painting. If it happens to be Christmas, for instance, they can make the theme of the photo to reflect this occasion, by adding some Christmas decorations to it. It is possible to also have the pet look like it is the mood of the occasion, when it is painted dressed in some of the holiday’s staples, such as Santa’s hat. Look through the artist’s portfolio for proof that they can handle such a task, if they have before. A look at their previous jobs will elicit the feeling that will tell you if you shall task them with this duty.

When you give someone a canvas oil painting, you have offered them a timeless gift that they shall enjoy for long. It may be used as a birthday gift or on another occasion. You will feel pride having spent your money and effort to give such a cherished gift. This gift shall communicate a lot. Not just what you feel for them, but also how you understand what they feel for their pet.

The Key Elements of Great Portraits

The Key Elements of Great Portraits