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Tips on How to Use Crest Whitening Strip

Most people have teeth problems as they advance in age. The original color is lost with time. There are many issues that may cause this trend. Cigarette smoking may be one of the major cause of this challenge. Failure to clean the teeth appropriately and many years of taking tea can lead can lead to discoloration. The above mentioned are just few of the many reasons. This problem has a solution. There is a product called Crest Whitening strip which treats this condition. People’s teeth are highly transformed after using this whitening tool. The smile can brighten again. Get proper information on how this brightening strip is used. You shall get more insight as you read through this article.

Early brushing is very important in the whitening of your teeth. This helps to remove food particles and bacteria which may hinder the proper working of the whitening strip. It removes unnecessary saliva on the surface of the teeth.

Know how to position the Crest Whitening strip. You are supposed to have prior knowledge on how to place the strip. The whitening substance is the one contacting your teeth. The gel is the chemical which works to make sure that the white become white.

When you are prepared, go ahead and open the strip from its seal. Handle the Crest Whitening strip as it can be weak. Be cautious not to contact the gel. You should use a towel to ensure that your hands are not wet.

Use a clean cloth to wipe any saliva. It is very easy for the strip to work when there is no saliva. Put a retractor to allow space between the cheeks and the teeth. Use a toothbrush for the smoothing of the Crest Whitening strip. Ensure that the strip does not leave any space that has not been covered. Ensure that strip does not touch the gum as it may irritate making the gums white.

Be patient as you wait for the strip to do its work. There are instructions given on the time that the strip should take on the teeth. The strip works well when you use the strip while lying with your mouth is up and open to take air in and out, which helps to dry the mouth.

Remove the Crest Whitening strip after the recommended time. Ensure that the Crest Whitening strip after removing it from the mouth. Allow the Crest Whitening strip to be on your teeth within the recommended time only. Leaving the strip on teeth for a long time causes other complications and does not whiten the teeth further.

Clean your teeth to ensure that you rid of any traces of gel in your mouth. Swallowing The chemical meant for whitening can be very detrimental to your health. Use the strip the same way for not less than ten days.

In case you do not clean your hands, the skin may have patches because of the reaction with the gel.
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