My First Impression with Derma Roller System

I’m sure almost all women must have had at least one of 5 skin problems, namely the scars, stretch marks, dry skin, uneven skin color, and of course skin aging. For the problem of skin aging I think all women would definitely feel it, live how our efforts to slow it down, because every human being is bound to get old if he was still lifeless.

I myself have almost all the problems of the five issues above. Which may not have been too I feel is the aging of the skin, but it leads to much less in a moment I’ll 30s. From various reviews I read, one of the products that can solve the problem is Derma Roller. Since I recently purchased Derma Roller last week, so I can not give a full review. Moreover, it is mentioned in the box that this product will give results with regular use for at least 3 months.

Derma Roller System can be used for face and body. I myself want to focus on the problem of Derma Roller  scar and stretch marks, because he does, although not only these cases are the main advantage of this product.

When discussing the scars, it just reminds me of my childhood. The scar on my knee very much. So little time I love to play bike and often fall down. Starting from falling into the gutter, to fall head over heels also I have ever tasted. And most large wounds in the knee area which until now is still a trace. For stretch marks, I had never pregnant and give birth, but in quite a lot of stretch marks thigh. He does it because if you’re menstruating often carded. Plus my body is now getting stretched, so was it the stretch marks appear.


I’ve tried Derma Roller from  a few days and for some reason I feel confident, it may reduce stretch marks and my scar. What I liked is that although the liquid and oily texture, but when applied to the skin is a quick Derma Roller seep. I usually use lotion to, because the lotion’s fragrance was pretty good, does not sting, like scented baby oil times. Because I did not like the overpowering fragrance products, prefer a neutral and soft fragrance.

Derma Roller  just me dab at the thighs, knees, and elbows every shower. So I do not use it all over the body. After using a couple of days that I feel anyway skins on the elbows and knees are not fused normally and feel softer. For stretch marks and scars, of course, there has been no change since the new right really wearing. May wrote in the next 3 months has been a change and my stretch marks and scars begin to disappear.

It is significant that the Derma Roller  is safe and can be used by pregnant women. Even pregnant women are entering the second trimester is advisable to use Derma Roller  to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. And Derma Roller  cannot be used when the skin is injured or bleeding. Wait until the wound healed and new closed apply Derma Roller  to remove scars.