Is It OK to Wear Wink Scrubs Outside the Hospital?

Scrubs from a supplier such as wink are common attire among staff members in hospitals and other medical facilities, with employees in different jobs or in different departments wearing colors that distinguish them. An ongoing debate involves whether it’s OK to wear those scrubs in public outside of the work environment.

Possible Concerns

The sight of a person wearing scrubs out in public may make someone wonder whether that person has been working with sick patients all day. There may be concerns about bacteria, bodily fluids and other troublesome substances lingering on the clothing.

Are the Concerns Valid?

It’s safe to say that a large majority of health care workers would change into different clothing if their scrubs became contaminated with these substances at work. Even within the facility, they don’t want to move on to the next patient with blood or other troublesome materials on their clothing.

In addition, many other workers wear scrubs too. The attire has become relatively common for housekeeping attendants, veterinary technicians and office personnel in medical and dental facilities.

A Fashion Statement

Medical personnel who are required to wear the rather plain blue or green scrubs may be less tempted to go out to stores and diners with this clothing on. However, many workers are allowed to choose the colors and patterns they like best. They might like to continue showing their own personal style after they leave work.

The Debate Continues

One hospital employee might say that she always wears scrubs when leaving the facility, whether she’s going to a nearby coffee shop for lunch or the grocery store after work. Another feels uneasy when doing so. Instead, she has lunch at the hospital cafeteria and changes into jeans and a casual top at the end of the day. This can easily be done in a few minutes in a locker room or restroom.

Unless the employer has a policy prohibiting personnel from wearing their work attire outside the facility, the individuals who don’t want the hassle of changing and like the comfort of scrubs appreciate the option. As long as the clothing is clean and free of stains, wearing it shouldn’t be an issue.