Advertising & Marketing

In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away, Every Company Story Can Start with a Punch

Marketing isn’t necessarily about selling a great product with fancy billboards, sex appeal, and sneaky methods of manipulation. Sometimes, marketing is all about telling a wonderful story that people care about. If they care, they will support the company without the bloated headache of marketing.

Now, marketing can always help. Realistically, it will probably always be needed. But, many brands can use the adventure of their company as its own type of marketing. This is exactly what a New Brunswick Advertising Agency strives to do. The marketing company gives companies the room and the resources to properly tell their story and to use that story to promote their brand.

Stories Build Engagement

Readers instantly carry an emotional engagement with the brand they are dealing with. The emotional basis will set the foundation for the company. An emotional basis is also vastly superior to a great deal. There is a reason why so many customers report returning to a company because of a shared experience in the past. They had a story there. They feel for the company at an emotional level. It only makes sense to return and continue that high-level engagement. The visitor also uses their engagement to have an experience. It is all connected.

Instant Relevance

A narrative makes a brand instantly relevant. It has a story that may be derivative of someone else, but it has to be at least a little unique. It has its own appeal that no one else can realistically up and copy. That is powerful for making a brand relevant without ever really trying to do anything but share an interesting story.

Front of Mind

A story builds that connection to keep a company front of mind. With this approach in mind, it is no wonder that so many brands have an icon at the top of their website that says “Our Story.” It isn’t exactly clever or unique, but it does help shape the narrative. Yet, there are more organic ways to do this within the company website itself. Having a story is powerful. Star Wars managed to make a story out of every movie, every action figure, every little addition to the franchise. It is a story unfolding. Any brand can do that.