Filing For A Divorce In Connecticut

In Connecticut, divorce petitioners begin the process by filing a motion. The divorce motion starts with the delivery of the summons and the divorce agreement to their spouse. It is necessary for an officer of the court to serve the defendant and confirm the delivery. A divorce attorney helps the petitioner start the process by making these arrangements.

The Divorce Agreement

The divorce agreement defines the choices of the couple. It starts with the division of the marital estate. Typically, the marital estate consists of properties in which the couple accumulated during the marriage. Each party is entitled to 50% of these properties and assets. In some agreements, the couple may choose to sell certain assets and split the proceeds.

Any property that either party owned before the marriage reverts back to the original owner. However, if the marital home was owned by either party previously, it is possible for the couple to come to an agreement about the property. For example, the spouse that acquires custody of the children may continue to live in the property. The couple may also choose to alternate intervals in which they live in the property based on the child custody arrangement.

Child Custody and Support Arrangements

Child custody arrangements present either sole or joint custody. A majority of the cases end with joint custody. However, if a parent presents a significant risk to the child, the court will require sole custody. In these instances, it is also possible for the court to order supervised visitation. In the most severe instances, parental rights could be terminated.

Child support is calculated according to the income of both parents. The value assigned also reflects the total number of children involved as well. The most standardized value reflects ten percent of the noncustodial parent’s monthly income for the first child and an addition five percent for each additional child.

In Connecticut, divorce petitioners start the process by serving their spouse. They must present their spouse with a divorce agreement that will enable them to reach an amicable agreement. Petitioners who want to learn more about the process can read this page now.