Decisions, Decisions: How Choosing a Laser Arsenal Introduces All Sorts of New Engraving Opportunities

Choose the equipment. Choose the accessories. Set the standard of power. Fine-tuning towards the best laser engraver is its own little adventure, and Boss Laser has all the products available to get it done for hobbyists. Where does it begin?

Selecting Power and Accessories

Most hobbyists choose one of top basic power options. These are 40W and 50W, and they clearly refer to the wattage available. The difference may be marginal, but it can mean a lot for hobby lasers. Firstly, the difference here is about 20%. Further, a wattage change at these lower levels is rather meaningful. Going higher may be unnecessary for a hobby level task. It is potentially more power than ever needed and could have adverse effects. Though 140W hobby products exist, they may be a bit too pricey and needlessly overpowered.

Choose Metal or Glass

The LS lineup is the best in Boss Laser BBB catalog for balancing out the strength in performance and cost. These lasers dip into industrial grade quality and performance, but they do not go all the way due to their slightly limited size. This makes them quintessential for hobbyists. They come in both metal and glass, and a book could be written on the subtle differences in how they work. But, the most valuable fact here is that their performance only varies on the wattage.

Metal will function differently, but it is perfectly capable of producing the same results as glass. Glass uses what is an amplified impact for the laser, as it bounces within the glass frame and leaves through a point. The metal CO2 based lasers will have a radio frequency which controls the output. This allows for more specifically powered lasers, but it has no bearing on the performance quality.

Hobbyists and general laser enthusiasts finally have some options available to them. It took years, but the market can now support people who have a modest budget and a serious passion for laser engraving. The total arsenal, including the power options and accessories, will fit different needs and goals. The website at Boss Laser highlights the different decisions that go into crafting the best laser.