A Lawyer Like Aric Cramer Can be Invaluable for Felony Cases

Felony cases are ones where the accused person faces a year or more in prison if they are convicted. These are the most serious offenses and the penalties for a person who is convicted of a felony can be serious. A conviction is going to impact their daily life in a variety of ways.

A Significant Amount of Jail Time

Felony charges are generally accompanied by jail terms of at least one year. Depending on the conviction, the person could face 10 or 20 years in jail or more. This is a significant portion of their life they will miss and they might find it’s not easy to live on their own again when they’re released. A significant jail term can have a serious and long-term impact on a person.

Relinquish Some Basic Rights

A convicted felon will lose some of their basic rights when they’re convicted. This could include the ability to own a firearm or the ability to vote. Sometimes, these rights can be regained if the person is not arrested again, but not always.

Giving up these rights, while it might be a part of their conviction, can be difficult as, for some people, it might mean a complete change in their lifestyle. For instance, if they can no longer own a firearm but they used to love hunting, they will need to find another hobby they can enjoy.

Deal With the Stigma of Being a Convicted Felon

There is a lot that a person has to deal with just because they’re a convicted felon. They’ll find it’s more difficult for them to find a job or a place to live. Potential romantic partners might end the relationship if they find out they’re a convicted felon and they can have a strained relationship with their children if they spent a significant amount of time in jail instead of raising the children.

Thankfully, just because a person is accused of committing a felony does not mean they’ll be found guilty in court. A lawyer might be able to have them found not guilty during a trial, have the charges dismissed, or have the charges lowered to something that won’t impact their daily life as much. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a felony, contact a lawyer like Aric Cramer now for help.