5 Style Hacks Guys Must Know!

Life is already so hard you don’t have to make it harder by complicating thing instead find easier ways to work your way out. Dressing up to attract positive visual attention demands both time and money. This article will save you from this trouble and introduce you to five simple style hacks that can change your life without giving up an ounce of your style.

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To know what these style hacks are read below;

  • Roll your shirt sleeves neatly

Messily rolled up sleeves give you a not only an untidy look but also make you look like you are about to get into some battle. Plus, they repeatedly fall back on your arm annoying you even more.

The correct way to roll your sleeves is to flip the cuff back and fold it just below the elbow in a manner that it traps and covers the bottom cuff. Doing so your shirt sleeves will not fall back and lie perfectly on your elbow giving you a neat look.

  • Learn the rule of leaving the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned

In order to give a stylish look you can keep the top button of your jacket buttoned but it is optional. The middle button should always be buttoned and the last button should never be buttoned.

If you are wearing a stylish jacket of just two buttons than always the button should be buttoned. Always remember to unbutton your jacket when you sit down otherwise it will loop out destroying your looks.

  • Say goodbye to wrinkles

Do you find ironing your shirts difficult and no matter how hard you try there are always some wrinkles left behind that destroy your style?

Well there is an awesome hack to remove wrinkles. Put your shirts in a dryer and add few ice cubes with it and set the timer to 10 minutes. What this will do is combine the heat releasing from the dryer with the moisture created by melting cubes and create steam which will in turn make the wrinkles to disappear.

This is style and science combined to make your life easy!

  • Swap hair gel for moisturizer

Using hair gel on a daily basis sucks out all the moisture from your hair leaving them looking rough and dry. To retain the natural moisture of your hair you need to replace your hair gel with a good moisturizer.

Moisturizer will work to give shape to your hair and keep them moisturized, giving them a smooth frizz. Only a small pea sized amount will suffice don’t overdo it otherwise it will give a greasy look.

  • Learn the right way to layer up

Layering helps you to create more outfit options. Knowing about how to layer up will enable you to utilize almost everything in your closet thereby helping you to create more interesting outfit options so you should learn how to do it properly.

From shirt to sweater to jacket all layers must be chosen wisely so that they complement each other and give you a stylish look.

Author Bio:

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at https://www.menssuithabit.com/ who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂